VAUXHALL diagnostics and reprogramming.

When it comes to diagnostic capability Vauxcare has one of the best Vauxhall equipped workshop in Lincoln with up to date diagnostic equipment for all the Vauxhall range of vehicles.

We have dedicated master technicians who specialize in vehicle electrics and electronics and we have many different diagnostic computers meaning with can work on all makes and models of vehicles.

Cars now have many computers on board to manage not just the engine but also braking, comfort systems and security.

At Vauxcare we are constantly re-investing in equipment and training to ensure we are at the cutting edge of technology. A diagnostic check will identify any fault codes or errors stored in you cars systems, we will give you a full report of any issues and help you decide what the best fix is and quote for any work that maybe required.

  • Reprogram ECU’s 
  • Supply Keys
  • Reprogram keys
  • Update vehicles software
  • Particulate filter cleaning